The Heart of Generosity
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I think when most people think of generosity, they think of a specific act. Somebody had an unexpected expense. They can’t afford to get it fixed. Somebody hears the news and swoops in to save the day. The bill is paid and life is back to normal because someone wrote a check!

Is that generosity? I’d like to think that, yes, that was generous. But does that one act paint the picture of what God says generosity is through His Word? I would submit that a single act of generosity can be displayed without a real heart change.

You see, that is what God is up to. As He shapes our hearts to reflect His character, He is trading us a “heart of stone” for “a heart of flesh” Ez 36:26.

This week Rich will walk us through a look at the things we should see in the life of a disciple that is being changed by Jesus. Paul talks plainly about them as he concludes the first letter to the Corinthians.