About Us

To help people begin and build a relationship with Jesus.
Our Mission

We help people begin and build their relationship with Christ by inviting them to Come as they are, showing them how to Follow Jesus, and sending them out to Serve their world.

We strive to be a diverse community of Christ-followers who love God, love people, and live on mission.

Core Values


Faith is a journey, not a destination. We will meet people where they are and not where they wish they were. And we will risk getting our hands messy to help them begin and build a relationship with Jesus.

Biblical Truth

The Bible is true today, just as it was last week, last year, and last century. Because of this, we look for new ways to engage timeless truth with a changing culture. The Bible is our authority and it presents a dangerous message of life change. We don’t assume everyone believes, or even knows the Bible, but we do expect that everyone who comes is open to exploring it.


Because God exists in community, He has created us to live in community and do life together. While no one will get to know everyone, everyone needs to experience community by getting to know at least someone.


Excellence honors God and inspires people. MCC is not striving for perfection but we do strive to bring our best to God in who we are and what we do.


We strive to help grow the size and influence of God’s Kingdom on earth so MCC values multiplying everything from strong Christ-followers to godly leaders to healthy churches.


We are passionate about showing the next generation who Jesus is and helping them carry the mission of Jesus from today into the future.