Serve Now

Immediate Needs

Here are the immediate ways to get plugged into serving through MCC.

Ways to Serve

We are working with city leaders and our mission teams to look for ways to serve the community through this crisis. We know this is a vulnerable time for many people, and we want to show up and help in the ways we can. If you are healthy, not in the vulnerable population, and ready to serve please sign up for the opportunities below.

We will keep this list updated on how you can be involved in the coming days and weeks, as opportunities become available.

Fill of Grace Farm

As the growing season continues, there is a lot of work to do. Watering the garden takes a lot of time for one person. This is an area that a few volunteers could really make a difference. Social distancing is not a problem on 8 acres!

If you want to volunteer at the Farm, Rule One is the weather rules. Your first step is asking to join the Fill of Grace Garden o’ Plenty Facebook Group.¬†Click here to join

Check for updates BEFORE YOU COME to work. The weather can change our plans with very little notice. Thanks for helping to feed our community!

Help your Neighbor!

Just because some of the restrictions have changed, you may still have neighbors that could use some help. Continue to check on your neighbors (especially the elderly). They will be glad to know you thought about them!

Click here to print the form.