Release Intentionally
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“Therefore, go,” Jesus said. We’ve all heard the verse that closes Matthew, yet too often, the nature of that commandment is lost on us. There is a depth and a historical resonance to what Jesus is telling us to do. He is telling us to make disciples. Disciples that obey. Obedience to his last command means that, by definition, we aren’t genuine disciples until we’ve made a disciple that obeys everything he’s commanded. Our best marker for making a disciple is when the person we are discipling makes a disciple. The goal of the advancing Kingdom of God doesn’t stop with a pursuit of personal holiness (though that’s part of it) it continues to a commission of others into a lifelong mission to make disciples of Jesus. It’s much more than personal betterment, it extends to global restoration. We get to participate in what God is doing.

But it’s uncomfortable and it means releasing those you’ve let into your life through discipleship to go and connect with and disciple others. I can’t wait to be together Sunday and talk more about this last and vital component of disciple-making; releasing intentionally.