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What we’re going to talk about for the next few weeks, let me just say that there are 3 words that strike fear in some people’s lives. If you had to guess what those 3 little words are, what would you say? 

Some of us, when we read those 3 words, we just…sit back and stare at them. We sweat just a little.

When you buy a grill at the hardware store, those words are right there.

You buy a crib for your baby, those words are staring at you when it arrives.

Those 3 little words are: SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED

It’s interesting to me that there are other people who do not have that fear at all. When it comes to cars, my friend Tim, takes them all the way down to nothing and brings them back up. It’s pretty cool.

Usually we lean one way or the other.

But most of life is Some Assembly Required.

So is our faith.It doesn’t just happen to you, you don’t just sit in church once a week and bingo bango bongo you’re a growing follower of Jesus. 

I want to be real clear, this is not about earning you salvation. Rather, for those who have already given their lives to Jesus, what we’re going to talk about over the next 4 weeks are habits that help us become more like Him.