Mark 10:13-16
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This week as we begin our series, Family Feels, I want to remind us all that children are awesome. Our responsibility to them as parents (and all of us who have children within our sphere of influence) is awesome too.

Christian psychologist Gary Smalley co-wrote a book with John Trent entitled, “The Blessing.” They wrote: “ While we may say out loud that we don’t care what other people think about us, on the inside we all yearn for intimacy and affection. This yearning is especially true in our relationship with our parents. Gaining or missing out on parental approval has a tremendous effect on us, even if it has been years since we have had any regular contact with them. In fact, what happens in our relationship with our parents can greatly affect all our present and future relationships.”

And we all have this in common. We long for the love and praise of our parents; what Smalley and Trent call “The Blessing.” Sunday I get to share about the incredible opportunity we have, here at MCC, to bless the children in our lives.