Look in the Mirror
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“If I ran the world everything would be better.”

Have you ever thought that? For most of us, it’s a joke, but there is a kernel of truth there. This small belief that if everyone saw like you did the world would make sense and be better. The problem is it explains away a lot of shortcomings that we all have. The reality is we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. We know what we meant to do and so we hold ourselves in the highest regard, while for others all we see is a part of what they’ve done and we think we can diagnose how to make their life better in an instant.

That’s why Jesus made it very clear that before we ever start to believe that we can impose our will on the world, our lives better have gone under an intense process of restoration and alignment with God’s will. As we do that, we might just find more and more how much we have to change in our lives and leave it to God to be in control of the rest.