Three Chairs: Where You End Up Sitting In Life
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As we start our year I want to remind you that when we say disciple at MCC we mean someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and is committed to the mission of Jesus.

So this Sunday I want to talk about chairs.

Have you ever played musical chairs? Probably when you were younger, maybe at a birthday party? Everyone is in a circle and there is one less chair then there are people and someone plays music and when it stops you find a chair. When I was a Student Pastor, we played full contact musical chairs with our high school students. That just removes the pretense of being polite. That was fun.

I’m going to guess that most of us continue to play this even as adults, we just may not recognize it as the game. But we stand up, We move from this chair to that one, We stake our claim. We want to be the last one sitting in the winning chair because we all know that where you end up sitting in life is a big deal.

So as we sit on the edge of a new year, I want us to stop and think about where you are currently sitting when it comes to life and your relationship with God. Because, and I want to make sure you get this, where you end up sitting in life is a big deal.