Starting in church can be difficult. There are lots of questions; What does it mean to be rooted in scripture, in the church, in discipleship? Who is God? Where is God in suffering? How Does God speak?

If you’ve ever had these questions I want to invite you to a 10 week group study called Rooted. Rooted walks through the big questions we all have from time to time.

Our next Rooted study starts soon!

Click here to sign up for Rooted.

Bible Plans

We believe that one of the most important habits to cultivate to develop a strong faith is reflection on scripture. Here are 3 bible reading plans to help you get started.

-The Bible in 3 years

-The Bible in 1 year

-The New Testament in 1 year

Another great resource is the bible app. To download go to the App store or Google Play store and search "Bible"