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To make a donation to the Christmas offering simply click the button below and make sure to select the "Christmas Offering" Fund. To find out more about our missions partner Back2Back Ministries or the staff member we are supporting this year continue reading below. 

Christmas Offering

This year our Christmas offering will go to help staff Back2Back Cincinnati, as one of the members of our Church seeks to join them in the ministry work they are doing in the United States.

In 2017, one of our Mission's partners, Back2Back Ministries, who is known for their work with orphaned children around the globe, began researching the viability of implementing Back2Back’s best practices in the United States. 

Starting with Cincinnati, Back2Back found a place where their resources became welcome additions to what was already taking place.

The need is great. According to the US Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, Cincinnati holds the second highest child poverty rate in the country, and the number of youth entering the foster care system is at an all-time high. There are amazing organizations currently working toward sustainability for each child, but there aren’t enough resources to meet the need.

Back2Back Cincinnati launched in early 2018 after discussion with multiple organizations and key individuals. The vision is to navigate vulnerable children, teens, and families in Cincinnati toward restoration, dependency on Jesus, interdependence within community, and sustainable economic independence.

Meet Hailie

Hailie Kennedy grew up going to MCC and is now a licensed Professional and Chemical Dependency counselor who has a heart for Ministry. 

After going on a trip to Monterrey with Back2Back, she decided that she wanted to use her education to help Back2Back in their mission to bring holistic care to children in Cincinnati. 

She has worked hard to raise her support for the next three years. Her goal is to raise $32,000 by January 1st in order to get started as soon as possible. We get the opportunity to help her close the gap and get her fully funded this Christmas

Her goal is to start as soon as possible and funding is the last barrier to her starting to work in Cincinnati. 

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