PURSUE is a three-year strategic plan created last February. Twenty-seven MCC leaders were guided through a process and prayerfully considered our next steps as a church. We considered questions like:

  • What is right at MCC?
  • What is wrong at MCC?
  • What is missing at MCC?

The overall goal was to determine the path that would move us forward and together further equip us to accomplish our purpose of “helping people begin and build their relationship with Jesus.”

When the process and exercises were completed, we identified three areas that needed work — pursuing people (begin), pursuing Jesus (build) and pursuing leadership (putting people in place to help lead the process).

PURSUING PEOPLE: Jesus was all about pursuing people. Because of this, we will make sure our doors are open to all people, no matter where they’ve come from or what they’ve been through. We’ll also go anywhere to meet people with the message of the Gospel. We will be intentional about praying for our friends and family members. We will continue to be involved in loving and serving people in our community. You’ll start to hear more stories too — stories about the journeys and struggles of people. And these stories will remind us that Jesus was relentless in pursuing people and we should be as well.

PURSUING JESUS: Jesus said to his first disciples, “Follow me.” He offers the same invitation to us today. A disciple is someone who follows Jesus, is being changed by Jesus and is committed to the mission of Jesus. We’ll encourage everyone at MCC to identify their next step and take it. We’ll work hard to unveil a clear, easy-to-understand path to discipleship and continue to develop groups by recruiting, equipping and releasing leaders.

PURSUING LEADERSHIP: Jesus turned a group of bad fisherman and tax collectors into revolutionaries that changed the course of human history. The church is still the place where the best leaders come from, servant leaders interested in lifting others up. We’re committed to developing Christ-like leaders, not just for the church but also for the community. Whether you’re leading a little league team, a committee at the office or a study group, we want to help you lead like Jesus. We’ll be intentional about identifying, recruiting and multiplying leaders at MCC.

We can’t wait to hear and share stories that will come out of PURSUE. We can’t wait to see what Jesus does in and through us, as we take steps toward Him. You see, that's really what PURSUE is about. It's about identifying our next steps and pursuing the things God is calling us to do. So, what's your next step?

“I have come down from heaven not to pursue my own agenda but to do what He desires.”     -Jesus [John 6:38; The Voice]

Mike Tuttle | Senior Pastor

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