Upcoming EVENTS And Studies

  • Small Groups

    We believe that discipleship happens in intentional relationships. When people come together, are devoted to the teachings of scripture and spend time praying together, discipleship communities are formed. A discipleship community can rally together around many different interests; running, music, art, sports, stage of life, whatever it is that brings you together when that community is built on a foundation of learning from scripture together and being dedicated to prayer discipleship happens. Everyone who is following and being changed by Jesus should be discipling at least one other person, and some are being called to form a new small group. So, we will come alongside you if you are being called to start a group and help you as you make a discipling community.

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  • FPU | Jan 23-Mar 20

    What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future.

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  • Rooted

    Starting in church can be difficult. There are lots of questions; What does it mean to be rooted in scripture, in the church, in discipleship? Who is God? Where is God in suffering? How Does God speak?

    If you’ve ever had these questions I want to invite you to a 10 week group study called Rooted. Rooted walks through the big questions we all have from time to time.

    Our next Rooted study starts February 25th. 

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  • CIY BELIEVE | Feb 16-17

    (7th & 8th Grade Students)

    This year's Believe tour will help these students know exactly what it means to have a relationship WITH Jesus.

    WITH - it's a common word, but when spoken in the context of a relationship with Jesus it has such a deeper meaning. By focusing on Matthew 28:20 and exploring the idea of a relationship "WITH" Jesus, Believe will help Middle School Students (7th & 8th grade) discover how to worship God through a right and faithful relationship with Him.

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  • CIY SUPErStart | Mar 16-17


    In the game of life for a 4th-6th grader, it can often seem like the odds are stacked against them. But God tells us that’s not true. He tells us that He’s on our side, and He gives us a tool, a “Power Up” to help us through life. That “Power Up” is His Word.

    By exploring Luke 11:28 and plugging into the world of video games, SuperStart's mission this year is to help students understand that through God's Word they receive the power they need.

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