Upcoming EVENTS And Studies

  • Small Group Launch

    We believe that discipleship happens in intentional relationships. When people come together, are devoted to the teachings of scripture and spend time praying together, discipleship communities are formed. A discipleship community can rally together around many different interests; running, music, art, sports, stage of life, whatever it is that brings you together when that community is built on a foundation of learning from scripture together and being dedicated to prayer discipleship happens. Everyone who is following and being changed by Jesus should be discipling at least one other person, and some are being called to form a new small group. So, we will come alongside you if you are being called to start a group and help you as you make a discipling community.

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  • Women's Bible Study | September 7th

    Discover God's pursuit of relationship and the unfolding of His earthly plan: How through one nation–and ultimately one man–all people on earth will be blessed. The Patriarchs is a journey through Genesis 12-50. Explore concepts such as blessing, covenant, and promise, and the bearing each has on a New Testament believer's life today.

    When:  Thursdays, September 7 - November 16  (11 weeks)

    Time:  9-11 am or 6:30-8:30 pm

    Cost:  $19.00

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  • FPU | September 19th

    What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? With Dave Ramsey’s class Financial Peace University, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future. If you’re interested in learning more about the class, message me! Because we’re offering it, just for you starting September 19th.

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  • Rooted

    Starting in church can be difficult. There are lots of questions; What does it mean to be rooted in scripture, in the church, in discipleship? Who is God? Where is God in suffering? How Does God speak?

    If you’ve ever had these questions I want to invite you to a 10 week group study called Rooted. Rooted walks through the big questions we all have from time to time.

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  • Middle School Fall Retreat | Oct 20-22

    Humans are interesting, weird creatures. We want to be uniquely created, yet harmoniously connected. Without an understanding of who we are becoming we can’t find peace with the world around us. Without a community that loves us and chooses us, we won’t find peace with who we are becoming. At the One21 Middle School Retreat we will help you know that you are a loved, chosen citizen of a Kingdom that works seamlessly to create a world of grace and peace.

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  • One21 High School Fall Retreat | Nov 3-5


    In Grace. In Peace. In Harmony. In Love. In Truth. In Justice.

    This weekend we will find more adventure searching for a way to live like Jesus.

    The One21 HS Fall Retreat is a gathering for hundreds of high school students to join the adventure of finding God and pursuing a life formed around Him. Hosted at Butler Springs Christian Camp, the Fall Retreat offers opportunities to commune with God, meet new people, deepen friendships, laugh, sing, and play.

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  • Family Dedication | NOv 4-5

    You have been entrusted with the precious gift of new life, and we look forward to partnering with you as you embark on this parenting journey. We hope the Family Dedication will be a memorable occasion for you and your family. 

    If you are interested in attending the Family Dedication, we invite you to register on by clicking HERE and to complete the following steps to prepare for the Family Dedication event.

    Step 1) Watch the Parenting Talks and complete the Homework

    This is an important first step in the process because we want to inspire you to invest in the things that will matter the most to your child’s future. We want to help you get off to a great start as you parent your children. 

    Video #1: Imagine The End

    Video #2: Widen The Circle

    Step 2) Send Pictures

    Please send a few pictures of your child/children to Jason (jason@exploremcc.org) by Wednesday, October 25.

    Step 3) Let’s Celebrate!

    That’s right! We are planning a meaningful and memorable celebration for you and your family on November 4 at 4:00pm

    Step 4) Parent & Child Recognition

    As your church we want to celebrate you and your child/children on November 5 during the 9:30am and 11:00am services. During the service we will show pictures from the the family dedication and then pray over your family to end our services.